Boat Parking Application

Potomac Landing Property Owners Association, Inc.
Recreational Watercraft Parking Application Form

Boat Parking Rules (Parcel A) Potomac Landing King George VA

General Boating Area Information:

  • No watercraft including trailer may exceed 30 feet in length and 12 feet in width
  • Trailers may not extend into the road leading to the ramp
  • NO PARKING is permitted in the picnic area

Boat Parking Information:

  • Parking of watercraft in the parking area is strictly limited to Potomac Landing and Potomac Overlook property owners only and does not include guests, friends or extended family.
  • Slots are assigned on a first come first serve basis. There is no guarantee of availability.
  • In the event that an application is submitted and there are no slots available…
    • Those with multiple slots will forfeit a slot, starting with the highest allocation (whomever has the greatest number of slots must forfeit a slot first).
    • If multiple owners have an equal number of multiple slots, whomever has the least seniority will forfeit a slot first, until each duplicate is eliminated.
    • If nobody has more than one slot, a waiting list will be implemented.
  • All stickers will be re-assigned at the annual meeting.
  • Stickers must be horizontally affixed in the front of the watercraft trailer. Exceptions may be where a small boat (rowboat/canoe/kayak) is stored on the ground and can reasonably be carried to the water. In this event, the sticker must be displayed on the watercraft.
  • In order to conserve space, slots are assigned based on watercraft size.
  • All slots are all numbered and assigned; you must use the slot assigned to you.
  • Watercraft must be centered in the slot in alignment with the slot number’s sign.
  • Parking slots do not transfer with the sale of a home.
  • Parking slots may be sublet to a renter, but only the homeowner or renter, not both, may use the spot.
  • Slot assignments may only be made by the Potomac Landing Property Owners' Association board of directors. Any promises by sales agents or non-board members will not be honored
  • No slot will be assigned to a “trailer only.”
  • Any unauthorized or non-registered items stored in the watercraft area will be towed at the owner's expense at the end of 14-day grace period.
  • Any watercraft which has not been used for one year will forfeit the assigned spot. The forfeiture will occur at the end of the 14-day grace period.
  • Any watercraft not in the assigned slot by July 1st without justification to the board will result in the forfeiture of the slot.
  • Potomac Landing and Potomac Overlook Property Owners' Associations are not responsible or liable for property loss or damage occurring to any property stored at the parking area.
  • Potomac Landing and Potomac Overlook Property Owners' Associations are not responsible for any accident, injury or expenses resulting from activities in or near the boat parking and picnic areas.
  • All online applications must be complete with documentation to include photocopies of registration for boats and trailers as well as a picture of the water craft. 
  • These rules are subject to change or modification at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of Potomac Landing Property Owners Association.

I hereby apply for a parking slot for a trailered watercraft which is owned by me. I have read and agree to the policy as outlined above.